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Ever wondered about how many variations of British tax discs there have been?

Well, here’s some food for thought…

In 1961 there was one tax disc for each month Jan – Dec. This meant 12 different discs in one year, so that’s 120 different discs in the 1960’s alone. There were also discs specially adapted for Northern Ireland.

In the 1970’s Britain introduced a Welsh tax disc to run alongside the others. So, the 1970’s should have seen 360 different discs. But there were actually far more, because in 1977-78 a new style was introduced and for some reason that year both styles were allowed to run concurrently. (As a matter of interest the same thing happened in the next style transition of 1986-87.)

So, in just the relatively short 30 year period of January 1961 to December 1989, there were at least 880 different disc combinations.

However, the pre 60’s discs also had many variations and this meant there were literally thousands of combinations possible. For us this means that each order has to have its own unique template produced.

We are determined to cover the whole of the tax disc era though - from 1921 right through to today - so this is precisely what we have done.

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