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   Some of you have taken it upon yourselves to submit editorial about us to motoring magazines. Others have started threads on internet sites and forums extolling our virtues.

   We really appreciate this because it really is lifeblood to us.  

   So, if you have done this for us we sincerely appreciate it and take this opportunity of offering you an enormous public…

Independent Reviews “The Squeaky Wheel” January (Issue 28 pg. 17,18) “Club Lotus News” February 2015 “Floating Power” Magazine (Volume 39 Issue 1 pg.9) Who’s next…

   We do no direct advertising, so our business comes purely via word of mouth. This enables us to keep our prices very low.

   If your experience with us has been good, please help by passing on our details to your friends and motoring colleagues.

   Why should you do this?

…thank you!

Because you’re  nice person and an angel gets tickled every time you do a good deed!

“I say, those fellows at Creative really are jolly decent types, don’t you know?”