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*Tax discs in styles 5, 6 and 7 were originally produced having silver foil with holographic elements encoded into them. This technology is beyond our ability to produce in our copies, however the elements contained in the holograms are approximated and retained.

For details of our specialist discs, “C” discs and WWII discs please contact us direct.

Disc Styles

   Style 1 In addition to the reg. number, make, classification and tax rate, the discs Style 1 discs show the vehicle’s colour, horse power (H.P.), number of seats, and its unladen weight (U.W.)

   Style 2 discs dropped the colour and seating boxes, but kept the H.P. and U.W. Boxes, although these were often dashed out.

Type A Type B What we need to know

Vehicle: Reg. number, make & classification. (+If it’s pre-1956 its colour, H.P., no. of seats & U.W.)

Disc: The style, colour, year & month of expiry. (Also printed, or hand written and new, or aged.)

Stamp: The stamp type (A, B, or C), along with the upper text, date and lower text.

…if you’re not sure about any of the details give us a call

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in any of these colours.

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Red Blue Disc Styles To Order By Post Payment Click here to see our  four payment options Aging

Various classifications that have been used.

PLG” (Pleasure/Light Goods) introduced in 1983. “Private” was the norm prior to this.

1983 was a transitional year and both designations were used.

Style 1  1921-1956 Style 2  1957-1960 Style 3  1961-1977 Style 4  1978 -1986 Style 5  1987 -1992 Style 6  1993 - 2004 Style 7  2005 - 2020 Northern Ireland NI Style 1 1921 - 1960 NI Style 3 1961 - 1977 Orders by Post & Cash Payments Mail: billb.creative@gmail.com?subject=Tax Disc Order&body=I want to order some personalised Tax Discs.  


    Expiry Year: 
  Expiry Month: 
  New or Aged: 
  DVLA text print on reverse:
     Hand Written or printed: 

        Reg. No.:      
  Model (optional):
  Tax Period (4, 6 or 12 Months): 

Extra details for vehicles registered before 1961 (if known). Disc styles 1 %26 2 only (1921 to 1960).
      H.P. or CC.:   
    No. of Seats:
  Vehicle Colour: 
     Kerb Weight:
         [      ] tons    [      ] cwt     [      ] lbs
  Upper Curved Text:  
     Date First Issued: 
  Lower Curved Text:  
  Rubber Stamp A, B, or C:


"If data is missing, incomplete or clearly in error, Creative Tax Discs have my permission to change the above details when creating the discs."

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